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Fly Qantas business class to New York and London from $6962 return

Qantas 787 Business Class

Been waiting for Qantas' double status promotion? Regrettably, you may discover that certain business-class fares on popular routes can be quite eye-watering.

However, round-the-world airfares which include Qantas can be up to 50% less, when compared to standard US or Europe return fares,

For Example, the lowest fares to New York with Qantas currently are from $16,484pp or to London from $10,851pp return.

Instead, all you need to do is fly Qantas to New York and add on a journey to London, in United's new Polaris business class and fly from $6962! Sydney - New York (Qantas) New York - London (United) - return!

+ You will still earn the same double status with Qantas: 1120 which for many could mean instant Platinum.

United Polaris Business Class Suite for couples
United's New Polaris Business Class Suites

Below are some other great ideas that will still earn you status by flying with Qantas and adding an extra stop.

You can fly Qantas from Australia to key cities such as :

  • Los Angeles

  • San Fransico

  • Dallas

  • Honolulu

  • Vancouver

  • New York

  • Santiago

  • Johannesburg

  • Singapore

  • Tokyo

  • Dehli

  • Hong Kong

You can then fly onward to a European city such as London with premium partner airlines such as United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air Canada, All Nippon Airways, Swiss Airways, or Lufthansa depending on your preferred destination. You may then choose to take the same or a different route for your return journey home. The travel period is from March 29th, 2023 to February 28th, 2024, but as is customary with airfares, prices are dependent on availability, and it's recommended to act fast since the double status promotion expires on March 28th 2023. Get in touch to see how we can help you save on business class fares with Qantas:


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