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  • Jasmine Johnson

Emirates reveals new First Class Suite on Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 fleet

Emirates, the largest airline in the world, has just unveiled a new first class suite for its Boeing 777-300 fleet and Airbus A380 fleet.

Each suite will literally be a private room with floor-to-ceiling cabin walls for complete privacy - drawing comparisons between the suites and a "private railway carriage" – but train travel was never like this! For instance: instead of conventional window shades, there are stylish curtains.

There will be no need to press a call button, let alone open your door - you'll instead be able to video chat with the cabin crew to place your order, which will then be delivered to your tray via a hatch in the wall - making the experience less like a commercial airline and more like a private jet.

The new Boeing 777 first class cabin adopts a 1-1-1 layout with six suites overall, down from eight at present in a 1-2-1 configuration. The two first class seats located in the centre of the cabin will feature 'virtual windows', with external cameras fitted to the aircraft.

The newly upgraded Emirates 777 aircraft will enter commercial service December 1 on flights to Geneva and Brussels.

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