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  • Jasmine Johnson

Qantas Double Status Credits Promo - Fast track your way to Platinum

Qantas has just launched its 2018 Double Status Credits promotion which means: a fast-track to Qantas Gold, Platinum or even Platinum One frequent flyer status

Here are some examples on what business class return fares could earn you (based on the lowest saver fares);

Asia: Fly to Hong Kong return a you will receive a minimum 480 status credits - that's automatic silver status and then some.

USA: Fly to Los Angeles and this will earn you a minimum 720 credits – enough to shoot your way straight to Qantas Gold status.

UK: Flying to London will give you 1200 status credits - bringing you within reach of the coveted Platinum status.

So if you've got conferences to attend, regional offices to visit or just holidays to plan, do it now and be sure you've first signed up for this special offer.

Click here to register for Qantas' 2018 Double Status Credits promotion.

Here's the low down on the T&C's;

  • Qantas' 2018 Double Status Credits promotion runs for only five days, from now through to 11.59pm (AEDT) on Monday February 5, 2018.

  • You have to register with your Qantas Frequent Flyer account before making any bookings, or you won't earn those extra credits on that flight.

  • Only Qantas-operated flights (and with a QF flight number on your ticket) qualify for double status credits. No partner airlines such as Emirates or One-world code shares.

  • Both domestic and international flights qualify for double status credits, although of course it's the long haul flights overseas trips which catapult your ascent up the status ladder. But every flight counts.

  • You don't have to book directly with Qantas – bookings made through travel agents will also qualify . It’s important to note that you can earn even more Status Credits when booking flexible fares as opposed to the saver fares mentioned above.

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